need a desk

co working

Co-working and private offices to build a business.

We know that building a business in the food industry is challenging. We know because the team behind Karma Kitchen, run Karma Cans the office lunch delivery service.

Before we had our own kitchen we worked from a nightclub kitchen, in the dark, underground, sending emails from a sticky bar top in Soho.

What drives growth? Your team. People power. Without somewhere to house your team, it's that much harder to get scaling. So alongside the kitchens we're providing some tailored workspace, just for people in F&B.

It's got nice things like an area to take pictures of your products, extra strong racking to store products and packaging on and label printers...because duh, we all label our food. 

It's also real cheap. £200p/m 

That's because you need to be in this space and not working on your stainless work top when you're done prepping and we want to incentivise that transition. 


Co working...