Starting at £90 per shift* 

Cheap to get going: You can book one shift a week for £73 on a monthly plan and it only gets cheaper the more shifts you book. You’ll have access to the best equipment, without having to worry about buying it or maintaining it. Onsite storage, 24 hr access, fully serviced by our kps and our onsite ops team, it takes the stress out of testing recipes or trying to start a catering company.

*Ad Hoc pricing. Plan pricing between £42-£73 per shift


Starting at £150 per shift 

Clean white tiles and open glazing and a door that you can close. It’s the kitchen a small food producer needs to scale. Walk in and start making. The kitchens are built and maintained inline with salsa guidelines. We handle maintenance, wash up, waste and laundry, to let you focus on growth and transformation.



Starting at £200 per month

We know that building a business in the food industry is challenging. We know because the team behind karma kitchen run karma cans the office lunch delivery service. Before we had our own kitchen we worked from a nightclub kitchen, in the dark, underground, sending emails from a sticky bar top in soho. What drives growth? Your team. We have the prefect place to build your team! join our food community today.