Startup Stories With Nibs etc

Chloe, the founder of Nibs etc started her pulp based granola business in 2016.

“Probably the most sustainable granola in the world. Fighting food waste, plastic free packaging, refined sugar free, high in fibre.”

Her fantastic Granola is sold at Borough market and is produced two days a week in our shared kitchen.

Chloe books one 1.8m long workbench for a morning slot. She uses our one of our five combi-ovens to cook her product, which she then packs and stores ahead of her market days. She uses our kitchens storage areas to safely store granola between production days and market days.

Before joining Karma Kitchen, Chloe was producing at home but Karma Kitchen’s extremely affordable workbenches, allowed her business to make the transition to a commercial kitchen. Giving her business a home.

Karma Kitchen’s flexible membership program lets you book as little as one shift a week in our space. It also allows you store and access all your equipment and goods in our space between shifts. So you can give your new business a home of it’s own and take your kitchen back!

Stories From Karma Kitchen.

In this section we’ll keep you up to date with stories from our kitchen. We work with nearly 100 amazing businesses and they use our kitchen in all kinds of ways.

Kitchen tales, designed to showcase the businesses and help you see where your business could fit into the mix. Because we have space for everyone and we’re open to everyone.