Youth Training Program


Youth Training and Employment Program…

The Karma Kitchens team is focussed on a single mission. To build functional commercial kitchens at scale, and provide the critical resources required for passionate food businesses to quickly grow.

One of these resources is great team members trained by us into the businesses using our kitchens. Our teams look to train candidates from the local area and provide good quality jobs.

The Karma Community programme is a 6-week programme designed to increase the skills and employability of local youth in a safe and social learning environment, leading to direct employment following the completion of the course. 


6 Week Training Program

Throughout the 6 weeks participants will learn all the skills and knowledge necessary to be an amazing and efficient Commis Chef, enabling them to walk straight into a job with one of our partners.



Via charities and local council, Tower Hamlets, Prince’s Trust and Upskill.


Curriculum for the last two weeks set by future employers, the trainees walk straight into work.


6 weeks, 2 days a week, with specialised trainers for each segment, Health and safety to veg prep. Paid training.


Throughout the 6 weeks participants will learn all the skills and knowledge necessary to be an amazing and efficient Commis Chef.

Health and Safety:

The course will begin with a general introduction to the kitchen and everything there is to know regarding Health & Safety and what it is to be an effective kitchen assistant.

Basic Prep:

Veg, meat, fish, nuts, oils and baking. With industry specialists each week, students learn, cook and eat together 2x a week for three weeks

Tailored Training:

Two weeks of training in specific prep, decided by the clients who they will end up working for. Supervised by us and reviewed by our vendors.


Following the placement of participants into various jobs, fortnightly support, including check-ups, advise and/or relocation, will be provided by us to ensure a healthy and long-term relationship between the employer and employee.

The course is fully funded and participants will be reimbursed for their time at the rate of the National Minimum Wage.

We are looking for 16-25 year old Tower Hamlets residents who may be struggling to find employment but have the passion and desire to work in the kitchen. Participants must be available for 3 hour sessions, two evenings a week, for the 6 week period