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All of our shared units include this equipment:
And all of our sites include
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Delivery kitchens

Karma Kitchen builds fitted kitchens for delivery. Beautifully designed, well located and carefully managed, find out how we can help you grow your business.

“Our Wood Green delivery kitchen is
currently in the top 10 percent of high
performing Popeye’s locations globally”
“We’ve separated delivery from
dine in,  providing our teams, riders and
customers with a seamless brand experience ”

Increase margins by using our infrastructure...

Each perfectly designed kitchen is 95% cheaper to move into at Karma Kitchen than self-build. Costs are low and contracts can be flexible. Our partners have used Karma Kitchen to be profitable in challenging markets.

Scale up your revenue and reach

Grow your revenue by scaling into one of our eight locations in London. Reach into booming local markets, with high population density and household income.

We carefully check demographic and delivery radius data using our purpose built location mapping software.

Designed to reduce friction

Your team can seamlessly produce and deliver 1000s of meals a week at each site.

As standard in all spaces, we include: vinyl floor, hygienic wall cladding, 3m extraction hood, drainage, sinks & tundishes, stainless splashbacks, combi oven, 32a and 16a connections, twelve 13a plugs, counter fridges, freezers, and workbenches.

Cleanly laid out and connected to a wider reception space, each private unit is convenient for staff and riders.

Services to make you smile

Build the exact space you want while Karma Kitchen take care of all the basics, like planning and utilities. 300sq ft to 5000 sq ft production kitchens. Locations all across London. Ready to move into in six to eight weeks.Available on one to three year leases.

In the unit: Vinyl Floor, hygienic wall cladding, three phase power, extraction fans, drainage & pop-ups, metal splash backs behind all hot equipment, loading bay. Services included: Pest control, WiFi, business rates, waste, maintenance, fire strategy and fire alarm testing, DDA plan.

Try us on for size

Each Karma Kitchen site has:

  • Workbenches (1 person)
  • Small kitchens (3 people)
  • Shared kitchens (5 people)
  • Large kitchens (10-50 people)

We also have flexible cold, dry and freezer space for rent.

Space is the place

The best way to see what our kitchens can do for your business is to come and take a look around. Join us at a site, and meet one of our insight managers to help find the right growth plan for your business.

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