We build kitchens
for Food entrepreneurs

Kitchen space for food production and delivery.

Karma Kitchen builds commercial kitchens.
We’re building the space and infrastructure that food businesses can call home. Places that will delight your team and transform your business.

Delivery, food production, events, manufacturing at Karma Kitchen.

Welcome home

My sister Gini and I founded Karma Kitchen after years of struggling to find kitchen space for Karma Cans, our catering company. There were no turnkey solutions. We’re building the future infrastructure of food. Let us show you around your new home.

A different way

Natural light, colour and soft seating. Dedicated rest and break areas for the on-site community.

Safe and secure spaces are designed for the people that work in them.

Production Kitchens

We have kitchens across London. From Bermondsey to Acton.

Scale your business, get closer to your customers, find production space close to your team.

Private Kitchens

Karma Kitchen builds ready-to-go private kitchens. Open in two weeks, with minimal investment.

Our multiple locations will help you grow. We’re taking care of business, everyday!

Production Kitchens

97% cheaper and 20 times faster than self build. 1,000 sq ft to 10,000 sq ft central production space.

State-of-the-art units, with parking and storage.

lower Capex
20x faster
than self-build
Beautiful, maintained and
managed space

Delivery Kitchens

Fitted 170 sq ft, 300 sq ft & 600 sq ft delivery kitchens.

We help you scale with less than £10k in upfront cost. Our locations across London help you reach your customers.

Simple, transparent rates.

Locations close
to customers
Two weeks
to open
One easy bill, rates,
waste and KP included

We are green

Our build process limits embodied Carbon. We use renewable energy and solar onsite. Food waste is biodigested and oil turned to biofuel.

Affordable workspace

5% of our space is affordable, designed for or startups and small businesses

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