We’re Disrupting commercial kitchens.

We transform industrial space into beautiful, functional kitchens and co-working for the food and drink industry. Our first site is in Hackney and we’re opening three more in the next few years. It’s so easy to join, it’s affordable and you’ll be joining a real community of wonderful businesses who can help you grow.

The Units

We have a range of units available in our site, from workbenches to shift kitchens right through to a kitchen that’s 100% yours.


Shared Space - Work Bench

This shared kitchen has six workbenches designed for smaller companies to run their business from.

It has all the equipment except knives. You don’t need to bring anything. Prices start from £80 per shift.

The walls are glass and tiled pink and white, there’s 24 hour access and there are kitchen porters on hand to wash up and clean down.

Once you’re done cooking you goods are stored onsite and you can book a desk in our co-working space to get on with growing your business.


Private Space - Shift System

Karma Kitchen is based around a shift structure. This means you get to have a private kitchen for your business, for the time you require it but you only pay for the time you use.

Each of our beautiful, airy kitchens is designed to maximise production. Like with the shared kitchen, each space is fully serviced and has all the equipment you need for general production. This means, we clean, we organise and you cook. The bottom line is that you can take a private kitchen for as little as £1500 p/m, including bills, a full time KP and some storage.


Large Private - 24hrs and total Privacy.

As your business scales and diversifies, you can remain in the Karma Kitchen community.

We can offer you a 24 hour private kitchen with equipment or with just the basic fit out completed so that you can organise it how you want.

This space will be 100% for your business. Again fully serviced, all utilities included, onsite storage, KPs. You can also access our co-working space when you need to.

Become a Member

Join Karma Kitchen and you’re getting more than just a production unit, we have a range of included services and additional perks:

The Basics:

Pest control, waste management, utilities and rates

Included Add Ons:

Washing up and deep clean, super fast wifi, all the equipment, managed deliveries, loading, suppliers, storage

The Extras:

Co-working space, laundry, knife sharpening, sundries (blue roll/ cling film etc), extra storage.

It’s the perfect place for my business to grow
— Island Poke - James