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state of the art commercial kitchen facility, with 47 new kitchens. Close to London Bridge and the City. Beautiful clean, and bright workspace for your team. Let’s explore together...

A short story of the site: 
This site is next door to the factory where Eccie and Gini’s parents met each other at work. It’s a special street for them and they spent most school holidays photocopying their hands somewhere in the dusty corner of the office.

300sf+ private kitchens

These units are perfect if you want a kitchen ready to go. We provide general equipment such as Lincat ovens, cold & frozen storage, sinks and tables. The following services are included in the membership: waste, Wi-Fi, water, pest control, and KP service. These units are modular, so start with one and expand as needed.

170sf+ private kitchens

Perfect for SMEs doing production or delivery. All our 170sf private kitchens come with a Lincat oven sinks, and over 2000 litres of cold storage. The following services are included in the membership: waste, Wi-Fi, water, pest control, and KP service.

Shared kitchen spaces

Bermondsey is the perfect place to launch a food start up, and now you can do so, with a view and some very attractive teal tiling. This new and improved shared kitchen design will delight you and your chefs. It’s our most affordable product, with electricity and all other costs included.

Plenty of private storage rooms

100sq ft cold and freezer rooms available for rent. Dry storage rooms also available. You can rent a shelf or an entire area.

Space for everyone

With a kitchenette, rest space, natural light, prayer rooms, changing facilities outdoor space, and a dedicated operations manager. This facility is sensational to work from, for all kinds of teams.

What's Bermondsey like

Our Bermondsey site is one of the best locations for a CPU in central London, plus with more than 1m residents in the Deliveroo catchment area it's also perfectly suited for delievery brands.

It’s a unique area, with a variety of audiences for your product and incredible transport links, such as a:

  • 15-minute train to London Bridge 
  • 10-minute walk to South Bermondsey Station
  • 20-minute drive to Central London

Naturally lit, beautifully designed

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